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Korean-American poet/essayist. Author of American Carnage and The Yellow Book. Photo-averse. At home in exile. Tilts at windmills.


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Selected Publications

Poems + cross-genre

"Oracles" and "The enemies address their makers" Lily Poetry Review (2021)


"Motherfuckers talking shit about American sonnets" Clarion (2021) and The Pushcart Prize Anthology XL VII (forthcoming)

The Yellow Book. [PANK] Books (2020)

"An Explanation of Death" Art & Letters (2019)

"ANTHEM" apt (2018)

American Carnage. New York: Portable Press @ Yo-Yo Labs, 2018.

“an introduction, concerning your intentions as a poet, and talking about your influences” Credo: An Anthology of Manifestos and Sourcebook for Creative Writing. C&R Press, 2018.

“Word Problem: Heart” Best New Poets 2016. Edited by Mary Szybist and Jeb Livingood (Series Editor). Charlottesville, VA: UVA Press, 2017.

Essay on Terry Pratchett (A Corollary)Boston Review (2017)

Five Poems. Worcester, MA: Damfino Press, 2016.

Word Problem: FeatherDIAGRAM (2016)

“Arms Long and Small,” “Green Blue Carmine Songlet,” “American Dream (6) [Someone to drive the car].” ducts (2016)


I am Michael Derrick HudsonRattle Poets Respond (2015)

Word Problem: HeartMissouri Review Poem of the Week (2015)

“C A RV” The Great Gatsby Anthology. LA: Silver Birch Press (2015)

“What You Lose” RHINO (2015)

“Itinerary, with Moths” Toad (2014)

HoverBetter (2014)

“[Harvard Square, Marathon Day 2013]” apt (2014)

“[Seoul, June 1995, Night]” apt (2014)

“For my mother with ellipses” apt (2014)

"Ekphrasis: Wall, Shays Pub." shufPoetry (2013)

'I can fix it now so nobody won't think of following me'Memorious (2013)

Huck, againMemorious (2013)

“The Conference of the Birds.” The &Now Awards 2: The Best Innovative Writing. Edited by Davis Schneiderman. Lake Forest, Illinois: Lake Forest College Press, 2013

“For Light, For Fire.” Printer's Devil Review (2012)

“Postulates, Examples, and Appendices” Knocking at the Door: Poems about Approaching the Other. Edited by Lisa Sisler and Lea Deschenes. Long Beach CA: Birch Bench Press, 2011

“Apophenia.” Opium Online (2008)

“New York I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down.” Anderbo (2007)



"Unbearable Splendor: Against 'Hybrid' Genre; Against Genre." Assay (2019)

"Why I am not a pianist." apt (2019).

"Sorry-not-sorry: on plagiarism." Radius (2018)

“On Falling: Action Heroes, Metaphor, and Gravity.” Radius (2014)

“In the mid-oughties,[...].” Cleaver (2013)

“'Projective Verse' and the 'Open Text' Considered as Practices of Body.” Printer's Devil Review (2013)


“Muja, the dancer, fourteen years old.” Kim Sun-woo. Banipal 43 (2013)


“Let the Sea Swell Blue.” Ryun Choi. Asia (May, 2007).


“Carnivore.” Song Ki-won. Asia (September, 2007).

Awards and Fellowships

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Awards and Fellowships

Pushcart Prize XL VII (2023 edition; forthcoming)

Longlist (Non-Fiction), [PANK] Book Contest (2019)

St. Botolph's Club Emerging Artist Award (2017)


Finalist, Best New American Poets (2016)


Toni Brown Memorial Scholarship, Winter Poetry & Prose Getaway (2014)


Harold Taylor Prize of the Academy of American Poets, UMass Boston (2012)


Finalist, Memorious Art Song Contest (2012)


Harold Taylor Prize of the Academy of American Poets, UMass Boston (2011)


Somerville Arts Council Literary Fellowship (2009)


Finalist, Anderbo Poetry Prize (2007)


Finalist, Bullock Poetry Prize of the Academy of American Poets, Williams College (1999)


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Performance of White Rabbit, Red Rabbit, a play for one actor, by Nassim Soleimanpour. With Aforementioned Productions, at Oberon Theater, Cambridge, MA (2016)

Featured Reader, World Above Poetry Night, Stockton College, Atlantic City, NJ (2016)

Featured Reader, Belt it Out: Turn Back Time, Cambridge, MA (2016)

Ducts Poetry Reading, KGB Bar, New York City, NY (2016)

Featured Reader, Lizard Lounge Poetry Slam, Cambridge MA (2016)

Confessional Reader, Literary Firsts, Middlesex Lounge, Cambridge MA (2014)

Poetry Reader, Literary Firsts, Middlesex Lounge, Cambridge MA (2013)

Panelist, “Conversation Pieces: From Creative Reading to Creative Writing.” With Joyce Peseroff, Teresa Cader, Lisa Pegram, and Harold Schechter. Association of Writers and Writing Programs, Boston (2013)


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University of Massachusetts, Boston (2018-present)

Course Title: Elements of Writing Proficiency

Bunker Hill Community College (2016-2017)

Course Title: College Writing I

University of Massachusetts, Boston (2011-2013)

Course Title: Introduction to Creative Writing

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (2003-2005)

Course Title: Introductory and Remedial Composition

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